Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Day info

  Our kids are so excited for Valentine' s Day. It is all they are taking about and it is sure to be a fun-filled day!  Please don't forget to send in pizza money and shoe boxes by Friday and on Tuesday their cards and party item. Students can wear pink,red, and white on Valentines Day. Our class has been pleading for a show and tell day, so on Tuesday they can bring a small stuffed animal, action figure, or special toy they love to show to the class. Please nothing that is bigger than a backpack. We can't wait to celebrate this special day with our amazing class that we love so much. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

January Update

  Welcome back! We are off to a great start to the second half of the year. Reminder- please send jackets. When we are able we want to ensure we can take the children outside, but they must be properly dressed to go out.

Here's a look at whats to come in January

Group 1 Language

 We are beginning to work on sight words. We will have 5 words every week. This week we start with girl,boy,sit, stand, and the

 We are working on letter N and Letter J

Group 2 Language

     We are working on Present and past tense verbs

     We continue with phonics and spelling

Group 1 and 2 Social Studies

This month we are leaning about Folktales. We are exploring the 5 different types of folktales.

Week 1- Fairy tales

Week 2- Fables

Week 3- Myths

Week 4- Legends/ Tall tales

Monday, October 17, 2016

   We are off to a great start to the second quarter. We are learning about our community and how valuable our community helpers are. So far we have had a visit from the dentist to talk about taking care of our teeth and a police office  to talk about strangers and 911.

 In language group 1 is focusing on letter T. We are also working on syllables. We continue  to work on scissor skills, following directions, rhyming words, and color words.  Group 2 is focusing on phonics, our spelling words, and punctuation.

Spirit week is at the end of the month. Monday is pajama day, Tuesday is character  
  Day, Wed is decades day, Thursday is Western day, and Friday is class colors. Our class color is Pink. Wear as much pink as possible. The class with the most of their class color on will win a pizza party!

Friday, September 30, 2016


                                                        October 3rd- 6th  

Reminders-  October 3rd Picture day 

                       October 5th Social Studies projects are due.
                      Come join us from 2:00-2:30 to see our awesome projects

                     October 6th- Global food court
                                            Bring a dessert to share

 Next week we will continue our journey around the world  to Ireland and England. 

Group 1- We will be introducing letter k. What does k look like, how do we form an upper and lower case k. What are words that begin with letter K. 

Group 2- We continue working on capital letters. This week we begin talking  about capitalizing   states and countries 

Monday, September 26, 2016

 We have had a great start to our school yea. Please check back weekly to see all the exciting things we are learning about each week. This week group 1 is learning about letter m. What sound does it make? How do we write M? What words start with M? We also continue to work on rhyming words.

The students have loved our exploration of around the world. We have learned about India, Greece, Norway. This week we travel to China, Africa, and Canada. Don't forget projects are due next week. We can't wait to see each Child's hard work on display.