Thursday, January 5, 2017

January Update

  Welcome back! We are off to a great start to the second half of the year. Reminder- please send jackets. When we are able we want to ensure we can take the children outside, but they must be properly dressed to go out.

Here's a look at whats to come in January

Group 1 Language

 We are beginning to work on sight words. We will have 5 words every week. This week we start with girl,boy,sit, stand, and the

 We are working on letter N and Letter J

Group 2 Language

     We are working on Present and past tense verbs

     We continue with phonics and spelling

Group 1 and 2 Social Studies

This month we are leaning about Folktales. We are exploring the 5 different types of folktales.

Week 1- Fairy tales

Week 2- Fables

Week 3- Myths

Week 4- Legends/ Tall tales